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Agent Cards

This page is still under construction. Thanks for your patience and let me know if you have any questions!

Want your own Ingress style agent cards to trade and collect? Look no further. I use my own templates to create a custom card just for you! My designs have plenty of options for customization and superior attention to detail.

Turnaround time ranges from 1-3 weeks depending on options selected and approval. Fill out the form  below and I’ll be in touch with you soon. If not requesting a custom caricature, have your agent portrait ready! (Tip: I recommend the Prisma app to apply a cool effect to your photo! Please turn off watermark in the settings and make sure you send the photo at full resolution.) 

**Prices listed are subject to change, this is for estimate only**



You may add a QR code to link to your G+, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you like.  I recommend a short link  to improve accuracy. Download the code and email to me in the highest resolution possible. (SVG format is best if available.)

Recommended: – quick, clean, free QR code. SVG compatible.

QRCode Monkey – free logo insert available – save as PNG if using a logo.