Jennie Zell

Design - Illustration - Creative Mischief



In December 2016, I was part of a team competing in the local #HackDataHR Hackathon event at Dominion Enterprises in Norfolk, VA. Team Undecided (what can I say, it stuck) developed a web and mobile app to analyze the EMS and police response times in the City of Virginia Beach and return both average and 90th-99th percentile statistics. The app could automatically detect the user’s location or take input from the map and would gather information from a radius around that point.

Not only would this be useful for citizens when deciding where to buy a house, for example, it could help municipalities find weak spots in the city’s emergency services.

I developed the logo, color scheme, and UX mockups for the web and mobile apps. The event was exhilarating, and I am really proud of what our team created in less than 24 hours!