Jennie Zell

Design - Illustration - Creative Mischief
Need a logo for your startup? A new menu for your restaurant? Want someone to refine that cool doodle you drew on a napkin? I can handle that. My specialty is screenprintable t-shirt designs, stemming from 17+ years of resort apparel experience.)
I love rich textures and unique color combinations. I'm a font aficionado. I'm inspired by music, textiles, nature hikes, old paint, vintage ads, historical places, architecture, and geography.
Belle and Dubs in the morning Perhaps the most ambitious multimedia project I've tackled yet, and one of the things I'm most proud of. Justin Wilson and I co-wrote and produced the first two seasons of this scripted comedy podcast. We are now working on season 3 to be released late 2021.
Frequent guest on Dork Trek and Deprogrammed.

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Frequent guest on Dork Trek and Deprogrammed.

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