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Abaddon Charlotte


This was a very fun piece to do. Like the Darsana Virginia Beach art, this was created for an Ingress event in Charlotte, NC. It was a challenge as I had never been to Charlotte and knew little about it. “The Queen City,” as I found out, declared independence from Britain more than a year before John Hancock put ink on America’s founding document, and the city was named a “Hornet’s nest of rebellion” by General Cornwallis when he passed through in 1780.

All of this, plus the absolutely spectacular skyline of the city inspired this mixed media piece. Most of the elements were created with Sumi ink for an organic feel, digitized and placed over the mechanical drawing of the city. A subtle honeycomb pattern containing the Ingress logo runs through the light beams in the background.

We went on to adapt this art into several pieces for the “swag packs” sold to raise money for the event. There was a challenge coin, keychain, bandana, sticker, patch, and ID card on a printed lanyard.

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