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For hire!

I do freelance work for just about any type of job. If you think I’m right for your project, drop me a line and we’ll talk about the details. email

Freelance or full-time?

Generally, freelance, but if you have a really fantastic opportunity for me I will be glad to hear it!

What are your freelance rates? 

I determine this on a per-job basis but generally charge per hour. When we talk about  your project, if I feel it’s something that I will be well-suited for, I will give you a price estimate. Sometimes, on large projects, I’ll take payments as I go along.


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6 Comments on For hire!

  1. Hi Jennie,
    Jenny here from 47 Sea Glass. Your art on your web-site is fresh & fantastic–I’ve been checking it out, I love it. Staci and I currently have 3 design ideas (a surfer mermaid, stand up paddle board with a sea glass peace sign on it and a beach cruiser sea glass bicycle idea) that we’d like to show Ocean Creek/Brian & retail shoppes for wholesale considerations, also our customer base as well via our on-line store. If we send you photo layouts like we have sent to OC in the past will you create the graphic images of our design idea(s)? We figure it should not take too much of your time since you are very familiar with our style and our sea glass! If so, let me know your fees for your artistry & talents in creating graphic comp images.
    Jenny Pierce
    (757) 971-1229

  2. Where does one buy t-shirts that have your “Catch of the day” design on them.
    Where these used in the movie “St Vincent” ? (Bill Murray opening scene)

    • I haven’t seen that movie yet, but I’ll definitely look to see! I’d be thrilled to see it in a movie.
      Either way, I will try to find someone who sells these retail so that you can purchase one. 🙂 Thanks!

      • Did you ever find out where someone could buy the shirt Bill Murray wears in the movie St.Vincent. I’m really really want this shirt

        • No I completely forgot! I still don’t know what the shirt is that he was wearing in the movie. (That will go on my short list of movies to watch, now)

          The catch of the day shirt that John referred to before, I am pretty sure they still carry them at Sting-Ray’s in Cape Charles, VA. They don’t appear to have it in their store but you might be able to call them and have it shipped .

    • Did you ever find out where someone could buy the shirt Bill Murray wears in the movie St.Vincent. I really really want this shirt

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