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Tell me more… with music

Tell Me More…” is a live monthly storytelling event in Norfolk, VA at the Push Comedy Theater, also published as a serial podcast. Each month’s show has a common theme to inspire the stortytellers, with an accompanying song. Since music is played for guests before, after, and in the intermission of the show, I offered to make playlists to fit each theme.

Come check out the show sometime, or better yet, apply to tell your own story. Find out all the details at


Adaptations:  Flexibility and change. “Delicate,” by Damien Rice


Disappointments: Succeeding at failing hard.  “Failure,” by Kings Of Convenience

FEB. 21

Injuries: Broken bones and broken hearts. “Ambulance,” by Blur

JAN. 17

Iced: Cold hard facts and unavoidable truth. “Cold Shot,” by Stevie Ray Vaughn


NOV. 15

Family: Relationships . and dysfunction. “Landslide,” by Fleetwood Mac

OCT. 18

Disguises: Masking our fears of the unknown. “The Mask,” Danger Doom

SEPT. 20

WHEN MOUNTAINS MOVE: Tales of friendship and belonging. Connections. “Stand by Me,” Ben E King

AUG. 16

TIME’S RUNNING OUT: Stories of getting stuck and breaking out. Anticipations. “Summertime Rolls,” Janes Addiction

JULY 19, 2015

DREAM HIGHWAYS: Stories of finding your way. Freedoms. “These Days,” Nico

JUNE 21, 2015

NEBULOUS THINGS: Stories of truth and deception. Discoveries. “Suspicious Minds,” Elvis

MAY 17, 2015

ALWAYS THE FORTH: Tales of courage. Transformations.  “A New Hope,” Blink 182

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